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Meet Martrice Gandy, Thurgood Marshall Academy’s New Director of Specialized Instruction

Martrice GandyMartrice Gandy, Director of Specialized Instruction, is passionately committed to building rigorous, equitable, and inclusive spaces for students with disabilities through innovative collaboration between schools, families, and non-profit organizations. She is a native of Niagara Falls, NY but has lived in the DC/MD area for almost 10 years. Miss Gandy started her formal career in teaching in Baltimore City Public Schools through the Baltimore City Teaching Residency program after being inspired to begin teaching special populations from her undergraduate work in the AmeriCorp Jumpstart program in Charlottesville, VA. While in Baltimore, Miss Gandy served as a Special Educator, an English teacher, and eventually a Special Education Coordinator. She was then awarded an Education Pioneers Graduate Fellowship in which she consulted on talent and performance management projects for the TNTP – Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools (PLUS) program in Philadelphia and Camden, NJ. She has also worked with Leading Educators and DC Public Schools as an English teacher and English Department Chair through the Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI) program. Miss Gandy has participated in, presented on special topics, and consulted for several educational organizations, charter school boards, and professional organizations. In addition to working at TMA, Miss Gandy serves as a Special Education Advocate for parents in Maryland. She earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English/Philosophy from the University of Virginia, and a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership and Graduate Certification in School Administration from Drexel University.