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DC One Card

Kids Ride Free Update
Students attending DCPS and charter schools can ride Metro trains and Metro buses for free this school year traveling to and from school. Students must have a DC One Card and have activated the Kids Ride Free pass in order to tap into Metro stations and buses for free.

Lost or Stolen DC One Cards must be reported to the school as soon as possible to deactivate the card and begin the process of requesting a new card.  The student will have to purchase a regular SmartTrip card to get back and forth to school until the new card arrives and is activated.

The deadline for activation of the Kids Ride Free pass on DC One Cards is Nov. 12. After Nov. 12, the period of leniency for students traveling on Metro without a Kids Ride Free pass will end, and WMATA will begin increased enforcement, including issuing citations for fare evasion. Please support your families in getting their cards activated before the deadline.

For more information or questions, please contact the DDOT School Transit Office at (202) 673-1740 or Theresa Yarborough-Jones at or Joann Lowe at

DC One Card Guidelines:

Students can request a DC One Card by filling out a application form at the Security Desk.

New application fee $0

Replacement card fee $7.00 (each card)

New Requirements:  DC One Card Students who ride Metrorail, Metrobus or the DC Circulator under the “DC Kids Ride Free” program are required to “tap” their DC One Card at a fare vending machine.  If you see a negative balance, add money to bring it to zero.  On the next day, return to the same Metrorail station and tap the card again on a fare vending machine to load the pass.  Tap your card on a fare gate or fare box to use your pass.  The School Transit Subsidy Program has made the following materials available: flyers in English and Spanish, for parents, and students to review.

*Jan 8: Student Impact- DC One Cards Will Not Work With Negative Balance
Beginning January 8, Metro’s fare system will no longer allow customers to carry or acquire a negative balance on their SmarTrip or DC One cards while using Metrobus or Metrorail. Students using the Kids Ride Free pass should check their DC One Card’s status at a Metrorail station Fare Vending Machine or on a Metrobus Farebox to ensure that the card’s “stored value” does not reflect a negative balance. If you see a negative balance, add money to bring it up to $0 to ensure your card will continue to work. Negative balances occur when the DC One Card is used before the Kids Ride Free pass has downloaded to the card or if the card is used for travel outside of the District of Columbia and the following boundary rail stations: Capitol Heights, Friendship Heights, Southern Avenue, Silver Spring, Naylor Road. Additional information on this change is available here.

Eligible students must register their DC One Card and confirm their eligibility in the Transit Subsidy Program on the DC One Card website ( Students must “click” the Check Eligibility button under the Transit Subsidy section on their DC One Card.

If students do not have access to a computer at home, please see Ms. Moore for assistance with the registration process as needed. Contact the School Transit Subsidy Manager at (202) 607-0204 with questions.

Note:  Please allow up to 5 days to receive your DC One Card once the new card has been requested.