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Comic Book Day at TMA

Today’s release of the Black Panther movie was a perfect backdrop to TMA’s Comic Book Day. Ms. Barker, the school’s librarian, said, “I wanted to create an event that focused on some of our more reluctant readers, to get them interested in reading. I also wanted a space for students who love to “geek out” and share their love of comics in a judgement-free zone.”

Last school year, Ms. Barker reached out to the local store of Third Eye Comics, the largest comic book store in the U.S. and they agreed to partner on an event at the school. This is the second year of Comic Book Day, and teachers from TMA’s English Department suggested students who would benefit from the event.

Held in the school library, students received free comics and enjoyed pizza, while engaging in conversations with each other as well as with Third Eye staff member Rachel Tilley. They were animated as they discussed topics ranging from why Black Panther is so popular, to which comic book character is the most powerful superhero.

“I’m glad that we were able to excite the students who have said that they don’t like reading,” Barker said. Hopefully seeing examples of a different writing style, with graphics and images of heroes, will spark their curiosity.”