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Lady Warriors Maintain Chemistry On and Off the Court


Members of the girls basketball team, standing in a V shape with all players holding a basketball.The Lady Warriors Basketball team won their first eight games in a row this season. With an 8-2 record, 

they remain at the top of D.C.’s charter school athletic league (PCSAA). The players acknowledge they are performing at their peak this year, and credit their success to several factors.

“We have strong chemistry on and off the court,” said Co-captain Niya Stickland, senior, who has played 

on the team for four years. “Also, we added two new players with assets that’s helping our game.”

One of the newest additions is senior Sharay Bell, center. “Sharay adds to our defensive game, particularly when it comes to rebounds,” said Ms. Koonce, head coach, who has worked with the Lady Warriors for four years and noted an improved performance from the team. “They are more consistent, more focused, and they have more accountability with one another.”

Another factor to their winning streak was a strategic move with regard to the game schedule.

“We felt it was important to start the season with as many games against schools in our league as possible,” said Koonce. “This way their confidence builds, allowing them to form a more authentic look within the league.”

Co-captain Janya Tuckson, a junior, says the close friendship and camaraderie impacted their successful 

run this year. “We have fun both on and off the court…we have a real bond.”

She added that playing basketball taught her to have better control over her emotions. “It’s giving me a lot of life skills.”

Niya also credits the sport. “Basketball is my motivation. It keeps me going through the pressures of work and school.”

Coach Koonce, a full-time biology teacher at TMA, wanted to add coaching to her duties as a way to give back to the school community. She’s no stranger to the game; as a freshman she played on the Delaware State Unive

rsity basketball team, winning the state championship that year. She has some advice for her girls as they play their final games in the season.

“Leave it all on the court , and do your best with the skills you have – that’s enough.”

The Lady Warriors are headed to the playoffs the second week in February.

Click here for the Lady Warrior Basketball Schedule.

Fall Sports Teams Finish Strong

Our Flag Football team made it to the PCSAA Championship!

It was such an exciting time for our Flag Football team to play in the PCSAA Championships this year. On October 10th, they played against Maya Angelou and came in 2nd place. They gave it their all and it showed on the field.

CeJun Peaks, TMA senior, reflects about his time as team captain, the PCSAA Championship and what’s next.

CeJun joined the team as a freshman, and have grown in both skill and maturity. He proved that he was ready to become the leader the team needed, which led to his selection as team captain by the coach. Over the years, Cejun played positions, such as corner, running back, safety and receiver.

TMA: How did it feel to play in the Championship this year?

CeJun: It felt great – I was proud to lead our team all the way to the finals.

TMA: How do you keep the team focused?

CeJun: By leading by example and making sure they know that I believe in them.

TMA: So, what’s next for the flag football team?

CeJun: The team will continue to build and grow. I will be moving on to play basketball and run track, but will always be available to support them.

TMA: Do you have any advice for the football team for the next season?

CeJun: Don’t hold your head down from one bad play. Focus on the next one and keep going.

Volleyball Team Advance to Playoffs

The Lady Warriors volleyball team had a successful season, making it to the PCSAA playoffs for the second year in a row. For senior and co-captain Jayla Holdip it was a bittersweet end to the season. Although the team did not advance after the first round playoffs, they played well for her final game; she graduates from TMA in June 2019. She has played since her freshman year and was instrumental to the team’s growth. “I’m really happy with our season this year, but I’m also sad because I no longer have this to look forward to.”

Thanks to the team’s impressive record in recent years, Volleyball is one of the more popular sports at TMA, with dozens of students showing up for tryouts. This year’s Lady Warriors won seven games in a row before falling to Somerset Prep, and ended the season with a 7-2 record.

“They showed resilience, and we couldn’t be more proud,” said Mr. Brian Moore, the team’s assistant head coach.