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Shining Star Gala 2018

Thank You for Celebrating With Us!

TMA_Gala2018_001 Cover of 2018 Gala Program Book.
TMA_Gala2018_088 Hogan Lovells, site of the 2018 TMA Gala.
TMA_Gala2018_094 Students presented their Issues to Action projects
TMA_Gala2018_047 Student presents her Soapbox speech.
TMA_Gala2018_007 Sampling of hors d'oeuvres catered by Hogan Lovells.
TMA_Gala2018_080 Students present a case from their Intro to Law Class.
TMA_Gala2018_112 Jonathan Stoel, Chair of TMA's Board of Trustees and Partner at Hogan Lovells
TMA_Gala2018_071 Fun with Windmills in Geometry,
TMA_Gala2018_042 Student presents his Soapbox Speech on being a student athlete.
TMA_Gala2018_064 Demonstrations and Activities on the rooftop of Hogan Lovells.
TMA_Gala2018_046 Guests try to identify historic landmarks in D.C.
TMA_Gala2018_019 Intro to Law students present their case to guests.
TMA_Gala2018_118 Rich Pohlman, Executive Director of TMA
TMA_Gala2018_011 Chemistry demonstration at the Gala.
TMA_Gala2018_048 Student presents her Soapbox speech.
Shining Star Gala 2018 Guests learn Spanish through fun games.



Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors: