Timeline: 12th Grade

Your 12th grade year is going to be very busy and full of deadlines and requirements that will affect your future. This timeline will keep you on track so that you can take advantage of every opportunity available to you.


Register with DC-CAP — See Ms. Mitchell in Room 009 to register. By registering for DC-CAP you will be eligible for additional college counseling resources and services including the Last Dollar Award which is valued at $2,070 for college.

Take ACTSAT I & SAT II Exams — Register for the SAT I exam by September 19th for the October 4th test date or by September 26th for the November 1st test date. Also register for the SAT II exam by September 19th for the October 4th test date or by September 26th for November 1st test date. Register by the November 5th test date for the December 6th test date. Spend a little time every day working on practice questions; if you are struggling with the test consider one-on-one tutoring or an SAT prep class after school. You need to be working hard to prepare for your SAT; your SAT scores will impact where you attend college.

Request or Download College, Financial Aid & Scholarship Applications for 8–10 Colleges — Create a folder for each of your colleges. Create a separate scholarship application folder. Request college and scholarship applications from each of your universities. Make sure to keep your materials organized.

Make a Master Calendar of Test, Application, Scholarship & Financial Aid Deadlines — Create a master calendar in your College Summit Navigator and agenda that includes all your important dates.

Get Involved — Join school, community, or religious programs. At Thurgood Marshall Academy, you could join a sports team, the debate team, the dance team, art club, or a variety of other groups. If you are interested in something our school does not offer, see the Programs Office or your college counselor to find a program in the DC community. Colleges want to see your individuality and consistent commitment, so when you find something you like to do, stick with it. As a senior, you should participate in at least one of the activities you started in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade.

Participate in College Visits — Take advantage of college visits with Thurgood Marshall Academy. We are visiting two schools on October 15th. You also need to schedule college visits with your friends and family. Take advantage of every opportunity to step foot on campus. The more schools you see, the easier it will be to make a decision in the spring.

Attend the College Fair — Seniors will attend Washington, DC’s largest Annual College Fair, hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) at the Washington Convention Center on September 29th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. The evening session will also be held on Monday, September 29th from 6-8 pm. Ask your parents/guardians to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your college interests.

Attend College Visits at School — Colleges visit Thurgood Marshall Academy to recruit students. See your college counselor for information about visits and a calendar.

Attend Financial Aid & Scholarship Workshops — During Thurgood Marshall Academy’s open house nights for parents/guardians there will be special college sessions. Take advantage of the workshops and attend with your parent/guardian. Information about the sessions will be on the Thurgood Marshall Academy website and sent home through mailings.

Use Scholarship Database Services — Make sure to use the scholarship page on the website. Sign up for fastweb to have scholarships emailed to you based on a self-created profile.

Ask for Recommendations — Ask teachers who know you well for recommendations. You learned how to request recommendations in the 11th grade; remember to give your teachers an envelope, recommendation request sheet, and any additional information so they can write you a strong, persuasive recommendation. Remember, your recommenders need at least 2 weeks to complete your recommendation.

Complete College Applications — In College Summit class, you will start your applications. You will need to spend time during school, after school, and on the weekends completing your college application materials. Remember, there are college application sessions after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. All your applications should be sent out before December break.

Start and Complete Scholarship Applications Based on Deadlines — Start and complete your scholarship applications based on the final deadline; keep all your scholarship applications organized with the dates recorded in your navigator and agenda.


Most Applications are due January 1–February 15. Keep copies of everything you send to colleges.

Put a Transcript Request in Two Weeks Before the Deadline — Immediately after first quarter, request transcripts for every school you are applying to. You can find the transcript request form on the website under Thurgood Marshall Academy forms; submit the form to Ms. Ames.

Contact Colleges to Confirm They Have Received All Application Materials — Call or e-mail your colleges from home or your college counselor’s office to make sure your schools have received all of your materials.

Apply for Financial Aid as Soon after January 1 as Possible — The sooner you apply, the better award package you will receive. Your family needs to file their taxes as soon as possible. Once your taxes are complete, we will use your tax forms to file your FAFSA. Take advantage of opportunities to file your taxes and FAFSA forms at Thurgood Marshall Academy.

Apply for DC-TAG and LEAP Using the DC One Application — During College Summit, you will complete your DC One online application. You need to hand deliver your supporting documents to the State Department of Education office at Judiciary Square. See the steps in the Financial Aid section of the website.


Look for Acceptance Letters & Financial Aid Offers by April 15th — If you have not received your acceptance letter or financial aid package by April 10th, you need to call the admissions and financial aid offices at your schools. You can call from home or from your college counselor’s office.

Compare Your Award Letters and See Your Counselor for Help — In College Summit class, you will learn how to compare award letters. Refer back to your notes and College Summit Navigator to determine how much each university is going to cost.

Apply for Housing and Pay the Deposit — Once you have made your final decision, you need to send in a housing application and deposit to secure your dorm room.

Make Your Final Decision by May 1 — May 1st is National Decision Day. You need to notify your school by May 1st to secure your place as a student and housing with a deposit.

Take AP Exams — The AP US Government exam is on May 4th at 8 am. The AP English Literature exam is on May 7th at 8 am. The AP US History exam is on May 8th at 8am.

Graduate from High School — Make sure you continue to do your very best in all your classes. Graduation is on June 16th.


Request a Final Transcript — You need to request a final transcript from Thurgood Marshall Academy to be sent directly to the university you are attending. You can find the transcript request form on the website under Thurgood Marshall Academy forms; submit the form to Ms. Ames.

Prepare for the Year Ahead — Make sure you have the financial resources set up to cover the cost of attending your college.

Register for Classes — You need to register for your courses. Your school may have you register during orientation, directly following a placement test, or set up a time when you can register online. Make sure the courses you are registering for are fulfilling requirements; you should schedule 15 credit hours or fewer your first semester. Talk to your college counselor or alumni coordinator for additional assistance.

Shop for Supplies — Whether you are going away or commuting from home, you are going to need school supplies and books. If you are going away, you will need items for your dorm room. Refer back to your College Summit Navigator for a list of essential college/dorm room supplies.

See, E-mail, or Call Your College Counselor or Alumni Coordinator for Help — As soon as something seems wrong or confusing, you should ask for help. It is best to ask questions if you are unsure. The sooner we know about the problem or concern, the better solution we will all be able to come up with together.