TMA Test Scores

Thurgood Marshall Academy collects a variety of student data on both state and national tests, which inform planning for the curriculum, remediation, and program development. Click each graph to see a larger size and explanation.

Thurgood Marshall Academy’s successes are measured by student outcomes. Over the past four years, the school has been among the highest performing high schools in the District of Columbia on state standardized tests outperforming neighborhood high schools by a margin of three to one. Citywide growth measures on reading and math metrics have indicated that students’ growth is unparalleled, with the highest Median Growth Percentile (MGP) in the District. Students have outperformed District averages for the SAT and Advanced Placement assessments, as well. Across multiple standardized measures, students at Thurgood Marshall Academy have proven they can and will achieve.

The following graph shows Thurgood Marshall Academy’s DC CAS (DC Comprehensive Assessment System) scores in comparison to the average of all public high schools in the District, including charter and magnet schools, and the average of all high schools in Ward 8.

Thurgood Marshall Academy students—over 90% of whom are from Wards 7 and 8–scored two times higher than the average scores of all six Ward 8 high schools. Additionally, 75% of students tested are below the poverty line. These statistics combined show Thurgood Marshall Academy’s commitment to the effectiveness of high standards and to closing the achievement gap in DC.

Since 2009, Thurgood Marshall Academy students’ scores on the SAT exam have surpassed the average score for all public school students in the District; and in 2011, the scores surpassed the national average for all African-American students.

Since 2009, Thurgood Marshall Academy students’ scores on the SAT exam have surpassed the average score for all public school students in the District.

TMA students have continuously outperformed other high schools in the District on AP exams. The average AP test score of TMA students surpasses those of their peers at all DC public schools (public and charter).

For the eighth year in a row, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to college. Approximately 93% of alumni enroll in college within one year of graduation, and over 80% of graduates since 2008 are still currently enrolled, or have graduated college.

OSSE Report Card

Click the above link to access Thurgood Marshall Academy’s Report Card as found on the Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s website.

College and Alumni Program Report

Thurgood Marshall Academy’s college counseling and alumni programming ensure the school’s mission is fulfilled: that all students succeed in college. With intensive one-on-one college advising and a rigorous college-prep curriculum, 100% of all TMA students have been accepted to college since 2005. Through the alumni program, TMA graduates have received individual support from the alumni program since 2006, ensuring that approximately 75% graduates remain in college. Read more about Thurgood Marshall Academy’s Alumni and College Program Success in this report.

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