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Driving Principles

Thurgood Marshall Academy’s Driving Principles

These are the principles of our school culture and the beliefs by which all members of our school community are expected to act.


I. Community

● We believe that students belong to multiple communities—educational, familial, cultural, national, and global—each with its own benefits and responsibilities.

● We believe that a learning community in which all students and staff thrive requires genuine respect among all members.

● We believe that justice is a key component of a healthy community, and practicing justice in our school prepares us to pursue it elsewhere.

● We believe that Thurgood Marshall Academy should be an active, just, and respectful member of the Ward 8 community.


II. Diversity

● We believe that a rich education promotes the respect of multiple perspectives and experiences.

● We believe that in order to meet the needs of each community member and create opportunities for success, we must respect that individuals learn and demonstrate learning in different ways.


III. Democracy/Participation

● We believe that our school reflects democratic principles of fairness, due process, equality, and justice.

● We believe that when we are decision-makers in our educational and social experiences we become agents of change in our own communities.

● We believe that preparation for post-secondary education demands that we integrate elements of a liberal education—science, the creative arts, mathematics, technology, and the humanities—in order to possess the skills to understand and influence our world.

● We believe that with the privilege of being a citizen of this community comes the charge of service and responsibility.


IV. Excellence

● We believe that excellence requires passion, focus, and commitment.

● We believe that when we are confronted with high expectations, challenged with meaningful work, and provided with appropriate tools, the best is brought out of each of us.

● We believe that true learning occurs when we question, investigate, and evaluate ideas.

● We believe that genuine growth requires constant reflection.