A Pathway to Success: Dominique’s Story

Dominique Griffin

Dominique Griffin (TMA ’09) is awarded with a certificate after completing a year-long program with the Peace Corps.

Dominique Griffin (TMA ’09) is the newest member of Pathways, TMA’s monthly giving program. A notable alumna who has done service work in underdeveloped countries, spent a year in the Peace Corps, and served as a mentor for TMA’s Mentorship Program, Dominique says the activities and programs at TMA gave her an open-mind that empowered her to make a difference. Now, the Pathways Monthly Giving Program is, as Dominique puts it, “a chance to give back.”

Dominique’s monthly contribution makes it possible for students to excel in school, engage in our democratic society, and partake in enrichment activities and after-school programs. “It is important for students to have these options to build support systems, learn about themselves and their interests, and get the support that they need,” said Dominique highlighting TMA’s enrichment activities, after school programs, and wrap-around supports.

Dominique attended the University of Vermont and says that TMA taught her how to find resources on campus that helped her get the best experience until she graduated in 2013. “The activities and programs that were available to me have prepared me not only be a great student, but also to be a leader.”

Since community service is an integral part of TMA’s curriculum, Dominique felt connected to the idea of helping others in need and wanted to continue serving even after graduating TMA. “It is part of my responsibility to help change the world,” she said. Dominique spent a week in Detroit helping homeless and at-risk young girls find resources, helped to rebuild destroyed property in New Orleans, and assisted with a Hurricane Irene relief project in Vermont. “These experiences impacted my outlook on the world and my sense of compassion.”

While Dominique participated in these life-changing service projects after TMA, she goes on to say that “once you are a TMA student, you are always a TMA student. It’s a family. Even years after graduating, help and support were always there.”

Funds raised through TMA’s Pathways Monthly Giving Program ensures that TMA can continue to provide support to students. “I signed up for Pathways because I want the current and future students of TMA to have the same, if not better, resources than I had. These supports help them prepare for their lives after graduation.”


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