College Counseling Team Springs into Action

There’s no stopping the College Counseling team, a department at TMA dedicated specifically to advancing TMA’s college culture. This Spring, the team has been coordinating a series of events that help expose students to colleges and the processes that go into being accepted. Mr. Mitchell, Director of College and Alumni Programming and Mr. Winder, Alumni Program and College Associate, work together to ensure that students and TMA’s extended network of 500 alumni have guidance and a wealth of support to be successful in college and beyond.

Alumni Visits & Care Packages Special Delivery: March 13-15

livingstone college visitThe season kicked off with Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Winder visiting four universities to check in on alumni and their college experiences. With care packages in tow and gift cards for students to use at local grocery stores, they spent a few days in North Carolina where they caught up with alumni who are set to graduate college in the next few years. The first stop was Livingstone College followed by Winston Salem State University, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Bennett College. Many alumni who journey off to schools that are more than five hours away from home have limited opportunities to visit family and friends outside of holidays or seasonal breaks. Therefore, the College Counseling team works together to bring familiarity to students so that they continue to feel supported by loved ones.

Freshmen Take Math Lessons at the University of Maryland: March 23

math college tripAs a way to expose students to the diligence and dedication that goes into being successful in a math-related major at the college level, TMA’s Math Teacher Ms. Allen took her Algebra 1 Honors class to the University of Maryland. During the day-long trip, students observed a College of Algebra and Trigonometry class, where they were engaged with the professor, ask questions, and solved equations alongside their college-level peers. Students met up with TMA alumnus Seren Snow, who is graduating from University of Maryland in May, and picked his brain about the university and his experience as a double major, Cum Laude scholar, and his jumpstart career set to start in June.

The Junior Class College Tour: March 28-30

While the ninth, tenth, and twelfth graders were enjoying Spring Break, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Winder rallied up the Juniors for a 3-day-college-tour road trip that journeyed to the campuses of Franklin & Marshall Universities, Gettysburg College, Susquehanna College, Bucknell University, and Penn State University. More than 20 TMA students participated alongside their high school peers from DC Prep and the Prep Next Program.

The 7th Annual Spring College Fair: April 14

P1020485TMA’s 7th Annual Spring College Fair was a dynamic experience where students had the opportunity to meet with college admissions staff to learn more about the schools they plan to attend in the future.  Representatives from more than 55 diverse colleges and organizations were on site and prepared to answer student questions and provide insight on qualification requirements. Students collected pamphlets and other materials that gave them an inside look to the respective school’s college culture. Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Winder were on-hand guiding students to specific schools that they thought were the best fit for the student’s needs, personality, and long-term goals.

Junior Class College Trip: April 20

The entire Junior class spent the day traveling to four schools for a day-long college trip. Departing at 7am, half of the students headed to Lincoln University and Widener University, and the second group went to The University of Richmond and Virginia State University.

The College Counseling team is just getting started! As we get closer to graduation on June 10th, they are working diligently to ensure that every senior is on track to being accepted into college. Since 2005, Thurgood Marshall Academy has graduated more than 500 students from East of the River communities, all of whom were accepted to college and who set the precedent for TMA’s 11-year (and counting) 100% college acceptance rate.