Creating Leaders through Community Service

Thurgood Marshall Academy students understands the importance of giving back to the community; it builds character and leaders. Ms. Ames, Project Associate, shares how she creates leaders through community service engagement opportunities, such as Kid Power.

Kid Power is an after-school and summer nonprofit organization that inspires leadership through academics and civic engagement. Ms. Ames built a relationship with Kid Power Communication and Development Associate to bring Kid Power to Thurgood Marshall Academy.

Every Wednesday afterschool, TMA students serve as mentors to students in grades 2-5, and participate in an Academic Power Hour, where students from Malcolm X Elementary receive homework help and one-on-one academic support.  In addition, there is a civics lesson each week for TMA students to teach.

What’s your role?

My role is to recruit volunteers and prepare them to teach the weekly civic lesson.


How do you find students to tutor afterschool?

TMA students sign up to be Kid Power Mentors.


How do you come up with lesson plans?

Kid Power Communication and Development Associate provides us with a lesson plan each week.  The students and I meet to discuss the best way to teach the lessons.


What do TMA students gain from this experience?

I believe TMA students gain several things from this experience other than their community service hours, such as develop leadership skills, gain valuable knowledge and strategies from experienced professional educators. They also build professional networks, build self-confidence and sense of pride in giving back to their community.