Executive Director Pens Open Letter to TMA Teachers


Richard Pohlman, TMA’s Executive Director, is excited to see how the school year unfolds.

Dear TMA Warriors:

For the past two weeks, during Teacher Academy and as we prepared ourselves to be and do our best for students, I was reminded why the work we do as educators is important. Our namesake, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, is the driving force behind our mission—to prepare students to succeed in college and to actively engage in our democratic society. I know that each of you are here to do the work that matters for our students and families—to make sure that the education inequity that has persisted for years for many of our students ends when they walk through our doors.

It is so inspiring to watch all of you, a capable group of dedicated teachers and school leaders, work increasingly hard to make sure that each of our students is pushed to be great and given a place to be themselves. In 1954, the year Justice Marshall won Brown v. Board of Education, the historic case that outlawed ‘separate but equal’ schools in America, Mr. Marshall celebrated the milestone but acknowledged that, as a nation, “our work has just begun.”

While we still have work to do so that all students have access to an excellent education no matter where she or he might reside, I am proud of Thurgood Marshall Academy’s commitment to student success. Every day, your role as a devoted educator carries on the ‘work’ that Mr. Marshall advocated for more than 60 years ago.

Thank you all for all that you do, and happy first day of 2016-2017!



Richard Pohlman
Executive Director