In Memoriam: Marion S. Barry Jr.

Thurgood Marshall Academy extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of DC Councilmember and former Mayor Marion Barry Jr.

We remember Mr. Barry as an indefatigable advocate for youth citywide. Throughout his tenures as both Mayor and Councilmember, Mr. Barry maintained his focus on creating and supporting high quality educational institutions, valuable summer programs, and creating job opportunities. His legacy as a civil rights activist extends most clearly in his belief that all children, no matter their race or economic backgrounds, have an inalienable right to a world class education.

Thurgood Marshall Academy, and our students and families have also been personally touched by Mr. Barry: he attended our annual gala, dropped in to congratulate students for their hard work and academic achievements during graduation, and served as a witness for our school’s transformative impact on our students. His faith in the potential for youth from Ward 8 mirrored his unwavering support for Thurgood Marshall Academy and the community we serve.