Our Voices Will Be Heard

On March 14th, many of our seniors addressed gun violence, honored the lives of the Parkland victims, and the lives of two Thurgood Marshall Academy students, Zaire Kelly and Paris Brown, during the National School Walkout.

Our students did not stop there. On March 22nd, our students held a very important #NeverAgain Rally with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to demand that their voices be heard. During this Rally, one of our seniors, Zion Kelly, asked a powerful question, “By raise of hands, if you have been affected by gun violence, please raise your hand to honor those you have lost.” Majority of those in the room raised their hand.

Our students are the voice of the community. They are our future leaders, and are the change that can happen. They will continue to voice their concerns and be heard. Our students will participate in the March For Our Lives rally. Our very own Zion Kelly will speak at the rally.