Summer Prep

Summer Prep is a really special opportunity for TMA’s incoming 9th graders. For a month, they get to meet grade level teachers, make new friends, and learn about TMA no brainers, legal skills and the schools mission. The students get a behind the scenes look at what makes Thurgood Marshall Academy a successful learning environment.

A day in the life of a summer prep student begins at 8:00am with a nutritional breakfast and chance to connect with other students before classes start at 8:30am. Students then engage in 75 minute classes to prepare them with high school content and effective strategies and habits to help on their educational journey. Midday, they enjoy lunch and time outside for recreational activities. Dismissal is at 1pm daily, aside from Tuesday’s where they get out a bit later due to Advisory. Summer advisory included special guests, student panels, college workshops, or groups that came in to enlighten the students with educational and cultural content..

Many of our TMA Educators opt for a shortened summer in order to teach summer prep each year. Some of Ms.Crosby favorite moments included…“college trips, I love seeing our students excited about college, and providing them information early in their high school journey. Also, seeing the THEN and NOW faces. The first day I see sad faces, because students would rather be at home, with friends, or realize they are at school in the summertime. As opposed to the last day, I see happy and sad faces. Only this time, the sad faces are because the program had ended and they wish for more weeks and happy faces because they have made new friendships, built relationships, love their new teachers and are thrilled to be joining the TMA community.”

And Ms. Miller favorite moment is from the Summer Law Day hosted by Wiley Rein LLP. “It was a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase a number of positive attributes- leadership, literacy, communication, and teamwork!   We had some surprise personalities come out and it was a delight to see the “lawyer” inside emerge!”

From this, we understand that summer prep is not just a program, it’s the beginning of their pathway to college! Here students begin to build and strengthen the grit, perseverance, and relationships needed to carry them through this important milestone.  After summer prep, they are prepared for life at Thurgood Marshall Academy and know that there is a dedicated team of staff and teachers ready to support them every step of the way!