Teacher Blogpost: My Teaching Experience at Thurgood Marshall Academy

Over the years, we’ve had many great teachers that have been such a tremendous asset to Thurgood Marshall Academy. One of our Science teachers, Ms. Enrich, reflects on her time at TMA.


How long have you been at TMA? What classes are you responsible for at TMA?

I have been at Thurgood Marshall Academy for 7 years. I have taught all things Chemistry – Chemistry 1, Chemistry 1 Honors, and AP Chemistry.


What are some high points about teaching at TMA?

I have had so much fun teaching at TMA. I love finding ways to make a seemingly dull and challenging content interesting, engaging, and accessible for students (such as Mole Day!). I have always been supported in my methods and that allows me to feel comfortable trying new things, even in my 11th year of teaching. I have also appreciated being trusted to start our AP science program at TMA; it has given me the opportunity to work with students for two consecutive years and really push them towards college-preparedness.


Anything about Mole Day you want to share?

OMG I love Mole Day! And it’s not just a Ms. Enrich thing, it’s a real holiday celebrated by chemists across the world. So that means it can continue even in my absence. I love that it is an annual holiday treasured here at TMA and has become a part of TMA’s culture.


What do you see as TMA strengths?

The ability to work through adversity and to grow from it. The ability to persevere. The faculty is innovative and student-motivated. The students push us to be and do our best daily.


Any words of advice?

Take advantage of all the world has to offer you!