Thurgood Marshall Academy Celebrates Student Achievements on the 2014 DC CAS

The results of the 2014 DC Comprehensive Assessment (DC CAS) are in, and school-level scores confirm what we already knew: Thurgood Marshall Academy continues to be one of the highest performing non-selective high schools in the District of Columbia. We provide, to students and families in Ward 8, a local, high-quality option where all students can succeed.

With an overall index score of 79.4 – a composite of the school’s subject-area scores (math, reading, composition, biology) – Thurgood Marshall Academy earned the status of Rising school this year, falling just short of the 80.0 target for Reward school classification. Thurgood Marshall Academy’s overall index score averaged 55 percentage points higher than neighboring District of Columbia Public High Schools (DCPS) in Ward 8, an indication of the significant need for high performing high schools for youth in this community.

Our DC CAS results showcase the tremendous effort of the school’s students, faculty, and staff during the 2013-14 school year. Thurgood Marshall Academy had the highest composition proficiency score of all non-selective high schools in the District and ranked 5th city-wide behind four selective DCPS magnet schools (Banneker High School, School Without Walls, Ellington School for the Arts, and McKinley Technology High School) – all of which require students to go through a rigorous application process prior to admission. Thurgood Marshall Academy also had the 2nd highest math proficiency score, 3rd highest reading proficiency score, and 4th highest biology score of all non-selective public high schools.

As a non-selective high school, Thurgood Marshall Academy works with students who enter 9th grade representing over 60 different middle schools; students come to Thurgood Marshall Academy with a wide range of proficiency levels and a disparate range of pedagogical experiences. Excluding the four highly selective DCPS magnet high schools, Thurgood Marshall Academy, along with Ward 8 neighbor KIPP DC College Prep, are the only non-selective high schools (in a field of 31 high schools, both DCPS and Public Charter), to approach the 80-point mark for overall index scores. It is clear, from this score, that Thurgood Marshall Academy is committed to providing an effective education to all students, regardless of their incoming ability.