Thurgood Marshall Academy Ranked Tier 1 By DC PCSB

Thurgood Marshall Academy was one of three charter high schools District-wide that received a Tier 1 rating in the Public Charter School Board’s recently-released Performance Management Framework (PMF). The PMF is a new accountability tool that assesses student achievement for all charter schools. The tool uses separate report cards for elementary, middle and high school levels. School performance is determined on a 100 point scale and schools are then divided into three tiers. At the high school level, schools are assessed on student progress, student achievement metrics, gateway metrics, and leading indicators (attendance, re-enrollment rate, and 9th graders on track to graduate).

Most notable for TMA was the student progress metric, or school-wide growth model. The DC school-wide growth model is a statistical model that computes each student’s progress on the DC CAS from one grade to the next compared to students with similar prior test scores. The median growth percentile (MGP) summarizes the student growth for a school. It shows how much the students in a school are growing academically compared to similar students in other schools.

Take a look at TMA PMF Report 2011.