TMA Students Enjoy Nature on Camping Trip

Each year students in TMA’s Wilderness Club escape the city and spend two nights at a nearby state park. Senior Kamaree Ward shared his experiences on this year’s camping trip:

I’ve been a member of the Wilderness Club since the 10th grade. We take lots of hiking trips throughout the year to prepare for the big camping trip in May. This year 10 students and two advisors, Ms. Culbreath and Ms. Schwartz, traveled to Smallwood State Park in Charles County, Maryland, about a 45-minute drive from DC.

The camping trip lasted two days, but it took a lot of planning as a group. We decided what food to bring and what games we would play.

We arrived at the park on Saturday morning, and our first task was to pitch our group tents, then assign chores, for example, who would collect wood for the fire. Then we spent the rest of the day doing different group activities. It has become a tradition to play a game of hide-and-seek on every camping trip.

All of our food was cooked on the fire that we built ourselves. Ms. Culbreath brought homemade “foil packs” with veggies and protein. We also made s’mores and created our own pizzas. On Sunday morning we made breakfast from scratch! Pancakes, eggs and sausage, plus oatmeal and hot cocoa.

Ms. Culbreath wanted us to limit the use of our cell phones. To be honest, it was a struggle! We mostly used the phones for music, but we did try to be cell free. Besides, there were people to talk to and so many activities and games.

I love the camping trips – it reminds me that there is so much to do outdoors. Being in the Wilderness Club teaches me to see my world in a different way and explore nature.