TMA's Class of 2014 Exceeded City-Wide Average SAT Score

Last week, the College Board released data on student achievement in the District of Columbia on the SAT for the Class of 2014.

At 1,241, our students’ combined math, verbal, and writing score was over 100 points higher than the average for all District of Columbia students (1,115) in public high schools, both charter and traditional. In 2014, our students’ combined average SAT score also exceeded that of African-American test takers in the city at public, public charter, and private high schools, whose average combined score was 1,127.

Put differently, Thurgood Marshall Academy students’ SAT scores represent a true difference between the preparation that our students receive while in high school – preparation that includes double block English and math for all 9th and 10th graders, an in-house, half semester SAT course, free access to online study resources through Kaplan Test Prep, or the availability of an after-school study session with the Carver Group – compared to that of their peers city-wide.

These results confirm what we had already knew: that Thurgood Marshall Academy students are college-ready, and prepared for the challenge of college-level academics.

For more information on city-wide SAT performance, please visit the College Board website.