What's New in After-School for 2014-15?

With each new school year comes new enrichment activities! Check out some of Thurgood Marshall Academy’s newest programs launching in September 2014. For more information, or to meet the club advisors, be sure to check out our annual Clubs Fair on September 11th, 2014.

The Aspen Challenge

This year, Thurgood Marshall Academy will be participating in The Aspen Challenge. Launched in a new U.S. city each year, The Aspen Challenge will take place in Washington, DC in 2014. The Aspen Challenge begins with a city-wide forum for students and teachers from partner high schools throughout DC. At the forum, leaders pioneering change to some of the world’s most pressing social, educational, or economic issues present a challenge to the teams: to devise a solution to an issue affecting their communities. Equipped with tools and support, teams then design a solution to their selected challenge. Seven weeks later, they present their solutions on stage in a daylong competition. Teams who demonstrate the most innovative and effective solutions are selected to advance and showcase their work at the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2015.

One Hundred Hours

Thurgood Marshall Academy’s newest volunteerism-oriented club will assist students in meeting the 100 community service needed to earn a high school diploma, while exposing them to the myriad of service opportunities within their communities. Club members will commit at least one weekend day per month to community service, and will research different non-profit and community-based organizations throughout DC to determine host sites their work. Prior to each community service trip, they will lead a discussion session during the club meeting to talk about the issue they plan to work on, the strategies they will use to provide service, and what they hope to get out of the experience. One Hundred Hours will be open to upperclassmen.

Library Internship Program

With the support of the DC Public Library, Thurgood Marshall Academy will launch a library internship program in Fall 2014 – the first such program for public or public charter high schools in DC. The program, intended to bolster minority student interest and participation in the in-demand field of library sciences, will offer students a background in the inner-workings of a library, and connect them to library sciences professionals working in a variety of different settings – including a law firm, museum, and local elementary school.