Wilderness Club- Camping Adventures

On Saturday May 18, Twelve students from TMA’s Wilderness Club had the opportunity to go camping at Pointe Lookout State Park in Scotland, Maryland. The club has been making a similar trip for the past six years, but this was byfar the most picturesque landscape, location, and park.

The clubs purpose is to learn about the outdoors, environmental concerns and get out of the city and into nature. Students are responsible for all aspects of the trip from putting up their tents to cooking food to breaking down the campsite.

Club advisors, Ms. Culbreath and Ms. Schwarz reflect on the experience. “We are always awestruck by how savvy our students are. Their ability to work as a team while pitching tents and their delight in cheering each other on when facing a new challenges such as canoeing is wonderful to see.  Every year I leave camp a bit jealous by their campfire cooking skills… some students make pancakes better than I can at home on the stove!”

“The hiking wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I never really hiked that far before so it was a good experience” says 11th grade Meiko.

11th grader Daniel explained, “My favorite part of the camping trip was at the campsite, just chilling out and talking. I got to get to know people better than while we are at school.”

Students went canoeing, hiking, cooked over a fire, pitched tents, played games, and enjoyed a campfire.

“I enjoyed canoeing! We saw baby turtles and different types of birds when we canoed around the peninsula” exclaimed TMA Junior, Myrikal.

The Wilderness Club is one of many enrichment programs offered at Thurgood Marshall Academy. To start a club at TMA, a few students just needs to submit an idea/ passion/ hobby and find an adult advisor willing to support that activity.