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Female teacher walks forward smiling as students cheer all around her

Science Teacher Ms. Allison wins the Milken Educator Award

Thurgood Marshall Academy’s faculty and staff are known for their dedication to students and families, adherence to academic rigor, and availability to students.

The average teacher at Thurgood Marshall Academy has more than six years of teaching experience, and 50% of our faculty has taught at Thurgood Marshall Academy for three or more years. All of our teachers meet the Highly Qualified Teacher designation of the No Child Left Behind Act, and approximately 70% of our teachers have a graduate degree.

Our small class size and devoted faculty and staff ensure that all students have the opportunity to get to know several faculty members who will guide and encourage them throughout high school and prepare them to succeed in college.

We know that our students are capable of not just learning, but excelling, and we are committed to teaching until they have mastered the content. We evaluate frequently so we can pinpoint exactly what students have learned and where they are struggling. If they do not get it the first time, the second, or even the third, we find new ways of presenting the material until students learn it. Excuses are simply not accepted for not learning or not teaching. Every teacher in the building is willing to work with any student seeking help, whenever or wherever help is needed. Intense, tireless, and comprehensive work from our teachers and staff who never give up on a student makes it work.

Thurgood Marshall Academy teachers are at the top of their fields, sharing their expertise on a range of topics including internal benchmarking, developing an Advanced Placement program in an urban setting, college access and alumni support, and school culture and safety. Faculty and staff have presented at:

  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • National Charter School Conference
  • National Center for Educational Statistics
  • National College Access Network Providers Conference
  • Coalition for Juvenile Justice Annual Spring Conference
  • National Association for College Admissions Counselors
  • National Partnership for Educational Access

Our exceptional faculty and staff also include:

  • A Distinguished Fulbright Teacher
  • A recipient of the 2011 Mayor’s Arts Award for Excellence in Teaching Visual Art
  • An adjunct professor at Trinity University
  • A Family Engagement Fellow with the Flamboyan Foundation
  • One of ten teachers from the United States selected to attend The Gilder Lehran Institute of American History seminar on the transatlantic slave trade at York University in York, England
  • Seven Teach for America alumni who have committed themselves to careers in the classroom
  • One DC Teaching Fellow alumna
  • A 2012 Mount Vernon History Teacher of the Year winner