Parents and guardians play a critical role at Thurgood Marshall Academy, and their involvement is an essential component of student success. Parents/Guardians meet with an administrator when their child submits an enrollment application to learn more about our curriculum, programs, and disciplinary expectations.

We ask parents who enroll their children at Thurgood Marshall Academy to agree to the following:

  • Monitor attendance and ensure that their child attends school.
  • Make sure students do their homework.
  • Provide necessary supplies for their child.
  • Attend all portfolio presentations and open houses.
  • Participate as appropriate in decisions relating to their child’s education.
  • Stay informed about their child’s education by promptly reading all notices from the school received either by their child or by mail.
  • Communicate with teachers and school administration.
  • Participate to the extent possible in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

We offer Open Houses throughout the year to allow teachers to speak with teachers and administrators about their child’s progress. We also have monthly PTO meetings.

We do our best to keep parents/guardians informed and involved by sending monthly letters to parents, posting newsletters and an up-to-date calendar on our website, sending two progress reports each quarter in addition to quarterly report cards, and including two parents on our board of trustees. Parents also participate in portfolio panel presentations and the Parent Teacher Organization.

We encourage parents/guardians to communicate with their student’s teachers. You can find e-mail addresses on the Directory page of the website; you may also schedule meetings by calling (202) 563-6862.

Thurgood Marshall Academy employs a Family Coordinator, Renee Short, to work with parents individually and through our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).