Jereme Speight

369Jereme Speight, a junior at Fairmont State University, is pursuing a degree in criminal justice. He aspires to work in social services after graduating in order to help his community. Jereme has highlighted opportunities working in low-security detention centers in order to serve as a mentor to at-risk youth.

In college, Jereme finds that one of his biggest challenges has been staying focused on school work. He found that the variety of social commitments open to undergraduate students could be distracting, but learned to manage his time and balance his academic and social priorities.

For Jereme, the most rewarding aspect of the undergraduate experience has been the opportunity to meet people from a variety of different backgrounds and gain a deeper understanding of new cultures.

Looking back on his experiences at Thurgood Marshall Academy, Jereme thanks the school’s teachers and staff “for all the help, support and encouragement throughout my years at TMA. I want to especially thank Dean Krein for being there, Ms. Allison for always staying on my case and Ms. Lyons for being an awesome teacher.”