Rashada Coton

370Rashada Coton, is a 2014 graduate of Trinity Washington University. Having received her degree – with honors – in Mass Communications and a minor in International Affairs, she has jump started her career by contributing to theJasminebrand.com, a pop culture website, and by managing her own blog at outlookpress.blogspot.com As an aspiring writer, Rashada plans to pursue her career ambitions – working in the television/entertainment industry – by enrolling in a Master’s degree program at American University in Spring 2015.

Looking back on her undergraduate experience, Rashada finds that one of her biggest challenges was taking advantage of opportunities present at her college: “I believe I went into college very naïve in the sense that I thought things would just happen for me. I learned that hard work gets you opportunities – you can’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come.” Rashada says “the rewarding things about college for me were the opportunities I earned. I learned how to be self-sufficient. I interned with radio station WPGC 95.5 and at the White House.” At WPGC 95.5, Rashada was a street team member: “I helped set up events, interact with listeners, meet different celebrities, and gain great insight in the entertainment industry,” she explains. During her time at the White House, Rashada communicated with constituents by who wrote to the White House with various concerns. Of her undergraduate experience, Rashada says: “college helped me see my full potential.”

In reflecting on time at Thurgood Marshall Academy, it is the teachers, and their firm belief in each student’s potential, that Rashada remembers most. “I remember specifically taking an AP English course and hating the class but in the end I learned that I had potential and the class led me to writing,” she says. Rashada thanks them for “putting up with my feisty attitude…[and] for not giving up on me.”