Senior Spotlight- Jamiah Lewis (By Joshua Davis)

When interviewing senior, Jamiah Lewis I asked, what would you say to incoming freshmen at TMA: “Stay on top of your game all 4 years. Don’t lack or slack because all 4 years count if you’re trying to get into college.”

Lewis’ has been a student at TMA for 4 years. Her biggest challenge in 9th grade was adjusting to a new environment. Overtime she adapted and enjoyed her years as an upperclassmen because she became more in touch with the school community. Participating in activities and staying after school for dance and music club were memorable moments. Jamiah had a lot of favorite teachers throughout her years at TMA. For freshman year, Ms.Odu (our 9th grade English teacher) was her favorite teacher because of  her time, effort, and energy she gave to ensure that she excelled and passed her class. She also saw that Jamiah was a great writer and pushed her to exceed beyond than average in school. In Sophomore year, Ms. Tyson (our 10th grade Geometry teacher), was her favorite teacher because of her enthusiastic energy and great support to all of her students. Jamiah also liked that she still had a certain amount of strictness with her students because she cared about them and their well-being. Ms. Tyson also took time to make sure that everyone understood the material she taught and she allowed them to socialize and interact with one another while doing work. In her Junior year, Ms. Brown-Blackman (11th grade Dean) played a huge role as a support system to Jamiah. Brown-Blackman helped Jamiah through many hardships she dealt with and always made sure Jamiah was doing fine in school. In her Senior year, Ms. Allison was Jamiah’s favorite teacher because she was enthusiastic and supportive also. She was a great support system to all of her students in virtual learning and she understood that the transition wasn’t easy for all of them. Ms. Allison made sure that everyone was able to pass her class, comprehend the lessons she taught, and made learning enjoyable.

During our interview, she shared why Physics and Student Government were her favorite subjects. “I love math and science and physics combines both of those subjects. Student Government is my favorite because I feel that it is important to learn about government since it plays a huge role in the lives we live.”  Jamiah also expressed that Ms. Lee (Social Studies teacher) did an amazing job teaching this course and made the work very understandable. 

When transitioning to distance learning Jamiah maintained her school work and stayed accountable for her education. It wasn’t the easiest and it did not compare to working in the classroom; but she is glad that staying at home has kept the TMA community safe and thought was more important. Jamiah was the president of the Fashion Club and Student Government Association. She has participated in Dance, Connections, Pathways 2 Power, Gardening, and Chess. After all of her years at TMA, she feels very well prepared for college. In the fall, she will be attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California where she will be majoring in Fashion Design.

Here is what Jamiah had to say to the TMA Staff and Faculty: “I love and appreciate all of you. I know we don’t see it on the surface at times but I can tell how hard you all work behind the scenes to make sure we are well educated and have the best possible high school lessons and experience.”