Thurgood Marshall Academy Named Tier 1 School


WASHINGTON — Once again, Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA) has been named a Tier 1 school by the DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB), the organization that authorizes and ranks public charter schools in Washington, DC. Thurgood Marshall Academy is among just six public charter high schools to earn the distinction in 2016.

Each year, the DC PCSB collects data on student outcomes from each public charter school in the city for its Performance Framework (PMF). The PMF offers a comprehensive picture of our school-wide success. The PMF considers data beyond state reading and math test scores, reflecting our students’ academic growth, college entry metrics, graduation, college acceptance rates, daily attendance, and re-enrollment rates. Based on these outcomes, TMA scored one of the highest in the city, earning the DC PCSB’s Tier 1 status.

In its 16-year history, TMA has shown that academic achievement and college access is possible for all students, regardless of their family income statues, race or community. Like the PMF, Thurgood Marshall Academy does not measure its success through a single statistic. School Leadership looks at an abundance of data to see how programs support student growth and college and career readiness across all grade levels.

TMA students, 99% of whom are African-American, and nearly 72% of whom qualify for federal free and reduce meals, defy the odds for youth from Ward 8 – home to the majority of our students. Most of TMA’s 9th graders arrive two to five years behind grade level in math and reading. This past year, TMA’s 10th graders took the PARCC exam and outperformed their peers across all subgroups; most notably, on the math portion, students had a 15% gain from last year. For the past 12 years, 100% of TMA’s graduates have been accepted to college. Last year, more than 85% of graduating students enrolled in college within one year of graduation. More than 62% of students successfully complete college within five years, compared to 5% from Wards 7 and 8.

“We are extremely proud of our results. Through rigorous, data-driven instruction and an unwavering belief in each student’s ability to perform at high academic standards, our teacher’s help our students transform into college-ready high school graduates,” said Richard Pohlman, TMA’s Executive Director.


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About Thurgood Marshall Academy: Founded in 2001, Thurgood Marshall Academy’s mission is to prepare students to succeed in college and actively engage in our democratic society. Thurgood Marshall Academy is an open enrollment public charter high school in Ward 8’s Anacostia. It is one of the highest performing non-selective high schools in the District and serves 400 students. The school upholds Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s legacy of equal opportunity through its commitment to providing an excellent education for all students.