TMA Annonuces New Partnership with Howard Law

10th graders practicing their elevator pitch in a small group setting.

Thurgood Marshall Academy is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Howard Law School. At TMA, we pride ourselves on integrating law-related components across our curriculum for all of our students. This year, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our 10th graders to work with young professionals in DC who are dedicated to the field of law. Howard Law Academy will allow our 10th graders to meet quarterly with Howard University Law students, dissect the amendments and apply their learning to everyday situations.

For their second session, the students in Howard Law Academy had an opportunity to learn about the First Amendment – Freedom of Expression. Students actively engaged in a discussion regarding how to self-express through a dress code, limitations on freedom of expression, professionalism on social media and how to effectively craft “your brand”. For the second half of the session, the students applied what they learned and created elevator pitches.

Howard Law students emphasized to the students in order to create an effective elevator pitch that allows you to stand out, students must dig deep and critically think about their long term goals, skills, and passion. Students were given ample time to draft their pitch, receive feedback from Howard Law students and their peers and competed to have the number one elevator pitch.

As the next two sessions are not until the spring, student have already submitted ideas for topics they are interested in learning more about. We know this partnership will add value to our students understanding of the amendments and continue to prepare them to actively participate in our democratic society.